Upcoming Litters

Bob Farris, Owner/Trainer
12635 Cedarwood Boise, ID 83709

If you would like information on the availability of future litters, please email Bob Farris at: bobfarris@cedarwoodgundogs.com. Detailed questions can best be answered by phone, however, we are sometimes quite difficult to connect with and have difficulty finding time to return calls. We have litters in the Spring and occasionally Fall annually from only proven breeding stock; those sportsmen an women looking for that special hunting companion will find no other kennel breeding pudelpointers with the passionate dedication experienced at our kennel. The waiting period for a Cedarwood pup is usually 6-12 months. The interested individuals not willing to stay in contact with us on a monthly basis are usually dropped from our waiting list after an absence of 3 months not checking in with us. We have learned from past experience that these were not as interested as they originally thought. Since many reputable pudelpointer kennels in North America are using one of our 8 active stud dogs, we can also assist you in sorting through the different options available for today's sportsmen at the various pudelpointer kennels. We will be glad to give you an honest recommendation at another kennel in the event we cannot deliver a pup to you in a timely manner to suite your needs.

We are now considering our spring/summer of 2020 litter’s of puppies. Availability is questionable, however, at this point as we have a significant amount of people as carry-over from last year. We have some great litters expected this spring from some of the best pudelpointers this breed has ever seen. Check out our breeding stock and the ancestry behind each of our current breeding dogs.

We will be breeding our newest stud dog, Killbucks Private Reserve (aka Winston), to some of our finest Cedarwood females. Our Czech Republic import, Lord Ze Strazistskych Lesu (aka Czar)Czar, is a 9 year old male now and his pups have shown us some of the best field work of any pudelpointers we’ve seen to date.

We will also be breeding Hidden Acres Atlas (Romo), Cedarwoods Image of Tukr (Deizl), Cedarwoods Essence of Tukr (Rugr), Cedarwoods Rerun (Junior), and Cedarwoods Mtn Huckleberry (Huck) to a number of excellent Cedarwood females next spring. We also have frozen semen on Cedarwoods First Offense (Tukr) which we may again plan to use

We kept 6 pups during 2015; 4 pups in 2016; and 2 pups in 2017; and 4 pups in 2018 for future breeding stock. These pups and pedigrees can be viewed on our Breeding Stock page along with their most recent pictures and testing accomplishments. It was an exciting 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 training & testing year for us as this group of pups all earned a NAVHDA Prize I. The only way to maintain the integrity of our kennel is to keep the best of what we produce to own ourselves in order to offer the most genetic diversity possible to our customers.

Our kennel does not require a sales contract with our clients and never ask for a deposit; what we do require are "honest" sportsmen to place our pudelpointers with !!!! Not taking deposits for pups; especially before pups are even born is what gives our kennel the ability to select our best customers and not accept the first person that rings our doorbell..

Puppies are selected on the specific attributes of each individual customer's needs in their next hunting companion. Our goal is to match each individual pup with the appropriate client. You're choosing a companion of the next 15 or so years and selecting a reputable breeder is your most important part of that selection process, as its the breeder that will most likely be picking your puppy for you. All pups sold by Cedarwood Kennel are guaranteed until 12 months of age for any concerning reason. They must be returned to our kennel in sound health and a full money back guarantee will be granted

If you are looking for an honestly bred hunting companion, with proven history to back it up, give us a call !!!! We can be reached most evenings at (208)-322-7792.